More on the Glasserie tragedy: “this has been an ongoing struggle”

Sara Kramer, Photo: Melissa Hom

Sara Kramer, Photo: Melissa Hom

And no, using the word tragedy is not hyperbole. We love Glasserie and are dubious that it will be worth visiting once they lose their chef Sara Kramer. She says she’ll leave by the end of February at the latest. We’re just getting over Gwynnet St closing which, incidentally, is recovering nicely as Lachlan and still serving their beloved whiskey bread!

Grub Street has more on why Sara Kramer is splitting. She’s careful not to be incendiary, but this does not sound like a pleasant situation:

The owner [Sara Conklin] and I had never really met or worked together previously. It was a big leap of trust on both of our parts. As much as two people can say that they want something similar, you can’t ever know until you’re doing it in practice. She had different ideas for the direction of the restaurant. There will be some significant changes to the food. The whole trajectory of the restaurant is very different from what I would have wanted, so I think that it’s a positive move for both of us, even though it’s sad…. I’m looking forward to working on another project in an environment that feels more cohesive, holistic, cooperative…

This has been an ongoing struggle, and part of what makes it even harder to walk away is the success of the restaurant. It’s doing a lot for my career. But success isn’t what matters most when it comes to you daily existence.

Looks like much of the staff is leaving as well:

The woman who’s been working with me as my sous chef, Sarah Hymanson, and I are excited to try to work on something together. She’s leaving as well. A lot of my kitchen staff, who I brought in, are leaving — independent of me. They’re not leaving to come and work for me, but we were a team, and even if the new chef is great, I think that they feel like it’s not the same place anymore. They don’t feel as excited to stay because it’s not what they signed up for.

Sarah [Hymanson] and I are excited about new frontiers and trying to figure out a way to work on a project together. What that is yet, I don’t know, but we’re a great team. We have as similar approach to food and management, and feel like we can do a good job and have fun at the same time. That’s crucial when you’re working so many hours and you care so much about what you’re doing. That’s about as much as I can divulge. She and I have a strong future ahead of us, as a duo.

I’m helping to transition the staff: The majority of the line cooks are leaving. With such a large kitchen turnover, it can be helpful to have my support.

When asked if she’ll be looking to stay in Greenpoint for her next project she responded simply and sadly: “Probably not.”

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