More Northside Tickets: Dan Croll at MHOW

via The Sheperd

via The Sheperd

We’ve got more tickets coming at you for Northside Fest! Let Brit Dan Croll entertain your ears from the stage at Music Hall of Williamsburg this Sunday. Bring a friend too, sharing is caring.

Bright synthy-pop tracks from Croll’s new album Sweet Disarray like “Compliment Your Soul” nestle their way into your brain, looping around like a soundtrack to your daily commute. Or that could just be from me accidently pressing repeat on Spotify again. Either way, his music is pretty terrific. Even Sir Paul McCartney thinks so.  Tell us what you think in the comments below and we’ll pick a lucky mate to go to the show.



  1. Would love to go

  2. Only heard his stuff a few weeks ago! Would love to go too.

  3. i will personally dance like the woman in compliment your soul for the entirety of the show

  4. Dan Croll is the tits, would love to go!

  5. He’s great! Would really love to go.

    • Samantha says:

      So happy I won, not so happy that you didn’t give any of my information to Music Hall of Williamsburg. He’s playing now, sure he’s fantastic…but I wouldn’t know. To everyone who entered, consider yourself lucky you’re not in my position.

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