More closings in Williamsburg and Greenpoint

The Camlin; credit Cassandra Girlado/Wall Street Journal

The Camlin; credit Cassandra Girlado/Wall Street Journal

The new year has just begun so we’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news. BUT, two popular restaurants closed while we were all over-indulging for the holidays. In Williamsburg, The Camlin closed just days before Christmas. Despite solid reviews, they were never able to get the traction they needed to stay afloat:

It is with a heavy heart that we announce we will unfortunately be closing The Camlin next Friday, December 23rd. Unfortunately, it’s been a tough year, and sales are just not strong enough to keep us going any longer. So we have made the difficult decision to close.

We have loved being a part of this community, and we are deeply grateful for your support and friendship over the last two years. We’ve loved meeting you, chatting with you, seeing your little ones grow, hosting your celebrations, and sharing a mutual love of wine and food.

We would like to thank you all for a wonderful two years and wish you joyous and restful holidays.

And last but not least, we hope this is not good-bye! If you find yourselves in Hell’s Kitchen, please come say hello at our sister location, Ardesia Wine Bar. We would love to welcome you there.

With gratitude,

Mandy Oser & all of us at The Camlin

And in Greenpoint, popular mainstay Jimmy’s Diner shuttered its doors as well. We were never fans — finding the greasy spoon to be a bit too greasy — but they never seemed to be lacking in business. (Perhaps the rent was too damn high?) The Williamsburg branch of Jimmy’s Diner remains open.



  1. Do you have a 2016 restaurant closing roundup?

    • It seems to be happening all over especially on Franklin St in Greenpoint.

      The greek place, Mr Soulvaki, Cassette, Mrs Kims are victims.

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