More bad news… Brooklyn Night Bazaar is closing very soon


Well this sucks. Pretty soon the only place to see live music in New York will be Terminal 5.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar’s landlord let them know that a new tenant is taking over their Brooklyn space and they need to be out by June 1st. The Greenpoint music venue, food and shopping space, where shows are usually free, still has a few shows coming up though.

A few more shows are slotted including Skaters this Thursday.

UPDATE: There’s a silver lining as the team from the Bazaar will be taking their talents to Rockaway Beach this summer. From Gothamist:

The team behind the Brooklyn Night Bazaar has signed a multi-year lease with the National Parks Service to “re-imagine the beach experience at Jacob Riis Park” with “abundant activities, entertainment, shopping, food, and drinks.” Starting Memorial Day weekend, the newly-coined Riis Park Beach Bazaar will present rock shows on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, as well as offer beach chair rentals, games, food from vendors like The Brooklyn Star and Fletcher’s BBQ, and a variety of alcoholic beverages.

Check out more about the Beach Bazaar here.

UPDATE 2: BMW is the tenant taking over the Brooklyn Night Bazaar’s space. Gothamist spoke to the owner of the Bazaar:

“The building owner did offer us to match, but it was basically close to 8 to 10 times what we are currently paying, which is just a number not even remotely on our radar,” Klein wrote in an email.

“You do have to wonder how it’s even possible anymore to operate a venue that doesn’t have massive financial backing. Coming from a punk rock/DIY background personally, to see venue after venue basically fall victim to the same developer/price-you-out scenario is really depressing. And as a native New Yorker, it pisses me off even more to see how unrecognizable this city has, and continues to, become.”

Klein confirmed that BMW would be the new tenant, but couldn’t provide any specifics. A representative from BMW has not yet responded to our request for comment.

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