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What are you dressing up as tonight, anyway? I’m going to be Edie Sedgwick ‚Äì but Edie Sedgwick with a gash on her face, since I fell on the sidewalk Wednesday night…. best Halloween ever, people!
I know we’ve given you plenty of suggestions for this evening, but a few other things have blipped onto my radar – some Halloween-related, some not:

I really love this place, and tonight they are doing a nice lil’ local Halloween bash. Stop by for lovely food, drinks, and hopefully some terrifying and/or ironic costumes.

2. ETM host Halloween @ Lit

I really HATE this place, but the party sounds like tons of fun tonight.
Per the folks at Lit:
“Electric Tickle Machine hosts Halloween 2008 @ Lit Lounge, NYC w/ Special Guests Dinowalrus, La Defens, & DJ Snacktown.
OPEN BAR 9p-10p
Confetti, Costumes, Cartwheels and Commotion.”

3. Danielson @ Knitting Factory
Now for the non-Halloweenish events. However I’m sure the Danielson show at The Knitting Factory will be festive in its own right. Afterall, who doesn’t love oddball pop-gospel from NJ? And they wear fun costumes all the time too! Also playing are Cryptacize……

4. Jaguar Love @ Mercury Lounge

For those who want to sweat, spazz, and thrash about tonight, go see Jaguar Love at Mercury Lounge. The band is comprised of ex-members of Blood Brothers and Pretty Girls Make Graves, and the sound is on par with the previous projects. With special guests Polysics, Black Gold, DJ Oil!

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