Monster Island Bids Farewell (Again)

Monster Island will once again bid adieu with another farewell street party. But this time, the Todd P crew will be serving up a BBQ, soundtracked to a massive acoustic lineup. So bring those picnic blankets, Solo cups,  favorite eats for grillin’ and box of long neck candles (huh?).

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Monster Island Farewell:
Autumnal Unamplified Acoustic BBQ

WHEN: Saturday, October 1: Noon to 7PM
* If it rains, party moves to the following day – Sunday, October 2: Noon to 7PM

WHERE: River Street (between Metropolitan Avenue and N. 3rd Street)
* If authorities shut it down, party moves to Grand Ferry Park
* If it gets too big, party moves to the northwest corner of East River State Park

Short 2 song acoustic / unamplified sets from:

12:10pm White Suns
12:20pm Baybee Teeth
12:30pm Life Size Maps
12:40pm ELIZA and PARRY
12:50pm Katie Eastbum
1:00pm Jack and the Flys – from K-Holes
1:10pm Shams
1:20pm Ezekiel Healy
1:30pm Zach Layton’s Guitar Centaur
1:40pm Mushroom Cloud – Casey Block + Harry Rosenblum
1:50pm Heaven’s Gate
2:00pm the Forms
2:10pm Forma
2:20pm My Teenage Stride
2:30pm Hubble
2:40pm Dustin Wong
2:50pm Cassie Ramone
3:00pm PC Worship
3:10pm SWF
3:20pm Logan Takahashi of Teengirl Fantasy
3:30pm Oberhofer
3:40pm MNDR
3:50pm Ducktails
4:00pm Dragons of Zynth
4:10pm La Big Vic
4:20pm dj Dog Dick
4:30pm Phonetag
4:40pm Talk Normal
4:50pm Beach Fossils
5:00pm Pterodactyl
5:10pm Fergus & Geronimo
5:20pm D1st of Notekillers
5:30pm Space Lions in Outer Space
5:40pm Dead Leaves / Good Company
5:50pm Max Hodes of Black Cosmic Mother

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