MonkeyTown Turns 3 Tonight

c/o MonkeyTown
To say that visiting MonkeyTown is an experience is for me a little bit of an understatement. A personal haunt of mine for a couple of years, I have seen some of the best shows there, including three of Excepter’s best sets/installations.
Tonight MonkeyTown turns three. To celebrate it properly, there will be free food, free drinks, DJ sets, and more…. Festivities start at 7pm.


  1. the food sucks so bad at monkey town you’ll pay for it with your hopes and dreams.
    seriously, the food there is so bad shouldn’t cost anything.

  2. to the idiot above who said “the food sucks so bad … ” keep on dining at the Williamsburg Epcot Center sanctioned dining establishments that your flacid “tastebuds” deserve.

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