Ticket Giveaway: Mogwai's Live Film Screening

Burning is a live film that was shot in early 2009 over the course of Mogwai‘s 3 sold out nights at Music Hall of Williamsburg by Nathanaël La Souanec and Vincent Moon, best known for La Blogotheque’s stunning Take Away Shows. There will be a screening of the film at the same venue it was shot next Tuesday night in celebration of the film’s release along with Mogwai’s newest full length, Special Moves, available on that same day, August 24th.

We have a pair of tickets to see Burning on the big screen for one lucky reader. Just comment below (using your real email address) and it could be you!



  2. I so tried to go to those shows 🙁 Would love to see the movie.

  3. kthxbai

  4. went to two of these shows! Sooooooooo good

  5. This would change my life forever.

  6. I need these two tickets!

  7. Would be a pleasure!

  8. I can’t deal with how perfect this is. Could I please get the tickets? Pretty Please? With an El Diablo taco on top?

  9. Vincent Moon. i love this guy.what a perfect name for a bright guy shooting stars.
    my fav take away show remains the Arcade fire one. breath taking.

  10. Yes, please. Thank you!

  11. WANTTTT. Extra points for being Scottish? 🙂

  12. I can’t deal with how perfect this is. I can has tickets? Pretty please? With an El Diablo taco on top?

  13. b. taylor says:


  14. plz plz 🙂

  15. most amazing thing ever.

  16. 🙂

  17. would love to check this out. only caught few minutes of the stream a few weeks back and it was great stuff.

  18. This would be amazing

  19. I would love to see it !!!

  20. Would love these tickets!!

  21. Sounds awesome!! I wanna go!

  22. Pick me, please!

  23. These Guys are Dope !! Love Them.

  24. Me mee!

  25. Max Barkly says:


  26. need this in my life

  27. scoop and score!!!

  28. !

  29. <3

  30. Please & Thank you.

  31. I’ve never won anything….and I mean eva.

  32. Stephaniee says:


  33. I love this band and strangely I was listening to their CD Happy Songs for Happy People earlier this afternoon before I saw your post. I will kiss you if I get the tickets.

  34. We are no here!

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