Modeselektor Tonight At Apt

This should be a great show. Hello Mom! is one of 2005’s nicest surprises. From Flavorpill:

Modeselektor’s Hello Mom! is one of the best releases yet on Ellen Allien’s increasingly dominant BPitch Control label ‚Äî and it’s not even proper techno. The Berlin-based duo packed its debut LP to the gills with impish synthetic mischief that does for electronic music fans what the Go! Team does for the indie massive: provide a shameless sugar-rush of dizzying, look-no-hands genre hops. Whether cutting euro-crunk anthems with Cuizinier, unleashing mind-melting ghettotech bounce, or dropping faux-dancehall burners, Modeselektor refuse to be pinned down ‚Äî much less sit still.

And here’s what Pitchfork has to say:

8.3: Hello Mom! might not be a dance-music crossover on the level of, say, Ryksopp albums; it might not even be a crossover on the level of Mylo’s or Vitalic’s, but it’s still impressive enough to entertain folks well outside its core audience– German electro-tech geekery not entirely required. “Impressive” isn’t even the word: There’s hardly a minute on this record that doesn’t keep turning out to be way more fun than the last time you heard it.

Check ’em out tonight:
when: Tue 5.23 (9pm)
where: APT (419 W 13th St, 212.414.4245)
price: $9

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