Misinformation & New Domino: How Your Community Support Sausage Gets Made

If you are the type of person who complains about the neighborhood — be it the yuppies, a crowded train, condos, whatever — it’s time you familiarized yourself with what’s going on at the Domino Sugar factory these days with the New Domino.
Benjamin Lozovsky, in the WG News, has a fantastic piece of reporting called Misinform & Conquer: The Developer, Domino, and the Latino Vote which was pointed out to us by Gothamist, in which we learn of some of the following points:
A local Catholic church, that gets money from the developer, is busing congregants in to community board meetings to “chant and demonstrate their support.” That church’s Father Beuther was seen handing “scripts or talking points to his bused-in congregants.” Meanwhile, the Daily News is lifting direct phrases and quotes from the developer’s non-profit money lender’s marketing materials, and the “average amount of open space per person” will actually decline with the rise in population.
This is a very short summary, because WG has a very long (but quite interesting) story. So please, read the article and familiarize yourselves with the growing lightning rod that is New Domino.
Key dates in the future:
4/28 – City Planning Commission hearing
July – Final City Council vote


  1. NAG (Neighbors Allied for Good Growth) is having an organizing meeting in our office (110 Kent Ave. 2nd Flr.Brick building surrounded by east river state park) on Tues May 4th @ 7pm to educate people about the Domino issue, empower people to stand up against the out of scale project, and inspire people to get involved. Come join us! Questions email [email protected]

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