Millennials no longer looking to rent in W’burg, Bushwick or Greenpoint


North Brooklyn may be popular with millennials but fewer and fewer twenty-somethings are looking to rent there. Turns out — and no surprise here — the rent is too damn high! Instead, Astoria tops the list as the neighborhood where millennials are most likely to rent an apartment. Abbi seems to like it there.

The No. 1 neighborhood for millennial New Yorkers looking to share the burden of rent is Astoria, according to data from roommate app Roomi.

The Western Queens neighborhood tops the list for the generation, ages 20 to 36 years old, when it comes to searches for rooms, with nearly 38 percent of Roomi users looking for housing in the area. And millennials apparently like what they see: each Astoria listing gets roughly 20 applicants, which is nearly twice as much as any other neighborhood, Roomi found.

Ajay Yadav, Roomi founder and CEO, was surprised that Williamsburg didn’t top the list, given the area’s reputation for being a haven for all things hip and young…“While some users are moving to their dream neighborhood, the top housemate applications are not being submitted in 2016’s trendy hubs, such as Williamsburg or Bushwick,” he said, “but in Astoria, Clinton Hill, The West Bronx, East Harlem and Lower Manhattan.”



  1. NO surprise here and Astoria will NOT be the last stopping point either. Wherever folks are looking to pay mortgage prices for overpriced cramped rooms (illegal dwellings, etc.), the ever greedy landlords and city officials have NO issues with you doing just that, while they take your rent money and do as they choose. Enjoy the ride, while you finally get to see what the folks who were pushed out of those areas, had to live with before you got there (ain’t gentrification a hoot?!).

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