Men who look like old lesbians

Christ. What happened to Kyle MacLachlan? More here. [hat tip Rumproast]


  1. Hah!!!! You think that’s something…try hanging out at New School sometime. There are more ambiguous looking men there than you can shake a stick at. I think they would qualify as looking like old lesibans.

  2. How about Ron Regan?

  3. Whats with the gay community coming out of the catholic churches? No descrimination against gays.
    Its interesting though, their priest can’t get married, and nuns can’t get married. We are here to reproduce and so forth. The only thing that crosses my mind with that is giving an excuse not to be with a woman or the woman not wanting to be with men. Same sex schools coming out loving the same sex, some catholics promote it. It would be interesting to see civilization start to die off because so many start going the same way instead of the opposite. I would never give sperm because someone wants to be a mom or dad without going the route it takes to be a parent.
    There is a consequence for all walks in life, that is one of the ones for that walk. Just like there are others for other things.I love rock and roll and the consequence for playing it loud is getting tickets for noise violation.

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