Meet Your News Mr(s) Williamsburg: Aja Nicole Marie

Williamsburg has a new Queen, the Village Voice reports. Meet Aja Nicole Marie, who won the coveted title of Mr(s) Williamsburg 2014 this Saturday at Lulu’s.

The process of becoming Mr(s) Williamsburg is both complicated and lengthy, The Huffington Post explained in 2013:

Mr(s) Williamsburg functions as a round-robin tournament spanning three prominent bars frequented by the Brooklyn queer community…

The nine-week tournament consists of six weeks of preliminaries, with a winner and runner-up chosen by a panel of judges each night of competition. The seventh week, dubbed the “Wildcard” round, allows all runner-ups from the previous six weeks another shot to place in the semifinals of Mr(s) Williamsburg.

During the eighth week of competition, all previous winners come together to contend for a coveted spot in the final three and the title of one of the tournament’s three bars…

During the ninth and final week, these top three contenders once again compete against one another for the ultimate title of Mr(s) Williamsburg.

This year’s three bars were Metropolitan Bar, This N’ That, and Lulu’s.

Aja, who competed as Mr(s) Metropolitan Bar, triumphed over Chris of Hur, who competed as Mr(s) Lulu’s, Charlene, who competed as Mr(s) This N’ That, and Miss Cherry Delight/Drea Lorraine, who competed as Mrs(s) Wildcard.

[h/t Village Voice]

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