Meet Brooklyn based Animal Years


Breaking from his solo past, Mike McFadden moved to New York in the fall of 2012, rounded up Anthony Saladino (bass), Kevin Johnson (keys), and Anthony Spinnato (drums) and formed Animal Years.

The band’s rootsy Americana sound is in the same vein as Kings of Leon with gut busting vocals and a steady, high energy rhythm. Animal Years’ debut album Sun Will Rise dropped last September and this past Tuesday, the group released a Deluxe Addition with four new bonus tracks.

Sun Will Rise is windows down, summer playlist kind of music. From start to finish, the album has a steady, consistent sound. No need to skip tracks here. Filled with songs about moving on and rolling through life, and a couple storyteller songs thrown in the mix like “Poor Boy,” the album makes you feel good. “Leah” kicks off the bonus tracks seamlessly with the same heart and wailing vocals and ends on the soft and echoing “Heartbeat,” a calming ending to an energetic album.

The band publicly debuts their new tunes at Rockwood Music Hall tonight. If you’re travelling across the river, stop in. It’s sure to be a fun time.

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