Media Giving McCarren Park Shit. Also, There is Actually Shit in the Park.

Image c/o New York ShittyReports of a poop-filled McCarren Park are all over the blogosphere today after Brooklyn Paper posted a story on “Greenpoint’s liquored up vagabonds” pissing and shitting all over the park playgrounds. Gothamist credits New York Shitty for identifying the issue months ago and reporting on the deeper problem since.

According to New York Shitty’s Heather Letzkus:

“This isn’t a poop problem, it’s a homeless problem. There is a substantial homeless population here that is not being helped. Many of these people are alcoholics, or addicts, and they don’t speak English [most of them are Polish], and they have a serious problem.”

According to Gothamist, Letzkus believes the homeless population is drawn to the corridor along Lorimer St between Bedford and Driggs because Abate Playground and Jerzy Popieluszko Square are not locked at night and are relatively secluded.

Although North Brooklyn Parks administrator Stephanie Thayer claim that maintenance workers lock up Abate Playground on weekend nights after dark and parks workers clean up the play areas vigilantly, it appears that local residents posting to New York Shitty and the Friends and Families of McCarren Park Facebook Page feel children continue to be in constant danger of playing in feces.



  1. Greenpoint resident says:

    They also like to hang out, drink Zywiec, and pee on my stoop every night. It’s time to get them some help.

  2. Thanks for blogging about what other blogs are blogging. I smell a Peabody Award in your future.

  3. I love how people suddenly care about McCarren Park. I also love how hipsters are moving to Greenpoint, or Brooklyn for that matter, and act like they’ve been here forever, and say they’re FROM Brooklyn…well, you’re not. You’re from Nebraska.
    Before the invasion of hipsters(barely 2-3 years ago) McCarren Park was nice and quiet and grassy with the occasional baseball game or dog walker…yes, there are drunks but they’re not all drunks, just old men chatting about politics. In my opinion, the worse thing to happen are the hipsters. They’re ruining the authenticity of GP as well as ruining McCarren park by making it their playground instead of the residential quiet park it once was. Now all I see in McCarren park are hipsters tanning half naked(this is a park, not a French beach) and groups of 40 people in a circle playing guitar So FUCKING LOUD and hacky sak, and the minute it becomes warm outside I can’t see an inch of grass because they’re all laying out there like seals. It’s getting a little out of hand. I’m not old fashioned or even old for that matter, I just grew up in Greenpoint and it really sucks when your hometown changes so rapidly you don’t recognize it. They’ve already seized Williamsburg I hope they don’t try to do the same in GP. sigh.

  4. SwampYankee says:

    When you see quotes like “get them some help” it really means get these disgusting homeless people out of my site. This is someone else’s problem. SOMEONE ELSE should do something. Why doesn’t the person complaining “do something about them. Hipsters want the real “Brooklyn Experience” with out the real Brooklyn. Go to Disnelyland

  5. So yeah there is a problem with the homeless population in Greepoint,but when there was a proposal to have a homeless shelter in Greenpoint Community Board 1 rejected that idea. For the most part I think the locals want to keep their community “pure” and clean and not have to worry about the homeless like the rest of the city. The homeless population in New York in general is nothing new it just seems that when comes into neighborhoods with individuals with higher income than the those neighborhoods with low income individuals (which are familiar with the increasing homeless population in their community) these pseudo high net worth people choose to complain about the situation but take no action to resolve it.

  6. Hear hear! You’re absolutely correct. The drunk men and women fighting and arguing at 8am in trash-strewn Father Popieluszko Square and the homeless people who sleep in the running track/rut at the edge of the park are totally hipster poseurs from Nebraska who arrived here 6 months ago after graduating from Pratt. We need to be preserving these drunks for the authenticity of Greenpoint!!! People who have not been here for 50 years, stop enjoying the shitty dirt patch that is your only comfort for paying the ridiculous rents your bigoted Polish, Italian, and Hasidic landlords gleefully extract from you while bemoaning to all their family and friends how the neighborhood now has people with too much money and a skin color other than white.

  7. amen to that!

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