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McCarren Park’s soccer field and track to close for upgrades

Photo via nycgovparks.org

The soccer field and running track located in McCarren Park will close on March 19th. Unlike most spaces in Williamsburg, it’s not closing because its lease is up and a boutique doggie yoga studio is moving in. The park is slated to get some much-needed upgrades, but according to the project’s webpage construction is not scheduled to be completed until March 2019. From Brooklyn Paper:

And in the meantime, parks-department honchos are working to find a sure-footed temporary space for the soon-to-be-displaced runners, according to spokeswoman.

“We’re currently working on offerings both inside and outside McCarren Park recreation center and should have an update on that programming next week,” she said.

The agency is also installing new bleachers, planters, and adult fitness equipment around the track as part of the $4-million revamp funded by the mayor’s office, according to the spokeswoman, who said the rest of McCarren Park will still be open while the track and field are under construction.

While the track & field could definitely use the upgrades, it will be tough to go a full year without it for the many runners and soccer players who frequent the space. I am personally looking forward to being able to pretend that this construction is the reason I’m not running on it every weekend, and not because I’m trying to finish binge-watching a Netflix series so that I can join in the conversations about it at the bar that night.

Josh Morrissey :Josh Morrissey has lived in Williamsburg long enough to remember Royal Oak, but not long enough to remember when The Levee was called Kokies and sold cocaine in the back. Find him on twitter: @JoshMorrissey