McCarren Park Pool Has Water And Will Reopen On June 28th

Geoffrey Croft/NYC Park Advocates

The long anticipated return of the McCarren Park Pool  – which opened in 1936, closed in 1983, and hosted some of the best summer concerts between 2005 and 2008 – is scheduled for June 28th with a ceremony at 11 a.m. According to Geoffrey Croft of the group NYC Park Advocates, the pool will accommodate 1,500 swimmers. Renovations to the pool, recreation center, bathhouse, and entry arch cost $50 million. Some of the rec center may even open in time for Memorial Day on May 28th.

Amenities at the new facility will include a volleyball court, beach, and spray showers. The rec center will have a basketball court, weight room, dance studio, cardio room, and “multipurpose community space.” Make sure to keep an eye out for decorative wood panels, which developers recycled from the Coney Island boardwalk.

As we previously posted, locals can enjoy the space year round, as the city has put out a call for proposals to turn the pool deck into an ice skating rink in the winter.


  1. ah, public pools with everyone pissing and spitting away in the water, fun times

  2. plant some bloody trees in McCarren park because it’s ugly without

  3. It’s going to be a great time no matter where they set it up. Come on, its in BK!

  4. When it is 110 degrees in August I won’t care if there’s pee in the water.

  5. AGORA started the whole thing

  6. #YOLO

  7. Wait until the dregs take it over and the decent people can’t use it…because that’s what is going to happen.

  8. Montalvo M says:

    I hear that’s there a fee to join of $150.00 for a (1) one year membership I hope they keep the pool private.

  9. lorimer says:

    Any word on the fee and where you get membership?
    I’m with Montalvo… I hope there’s some sort of fee.

  10. masBKque2 says:

    It will be free to most Brooklynites and visitors…snobs who mouth off on the internet will pay a hefty fee…

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