McCain's Base

This people are so creepy, it’s hard to watch. [Thanks Rumproast]


  1. thats what pro-america looks like – hateful and intolerant. ignorant and dogmatic. and they call themselves christians. it’s disgusting and frankly, it’s fucking terrifying!!!

  2. Wow. They are consistent in their ignorance and talking points.
    Are these the “Real Americans” that we have been hearing about?
    Reality has no home with these confused people.

  3. surprising number of African-Americans.

  4. i must admit that this is so intense that it becomes quite comical!
    that older guy yelling “he’s a stupid bum” towards the end was particularly funny cause he stole the words right out of my mouth.
    people who cling so ignorantly to lies and hate .. are stupid bums….
    old man… you’re describing yourself. how ironic.

  5. The Dems should use this as a political ad aimed at undecided voters. They could end it with a screen that simply says, “A vote for McCain is a vote for bigotry and ignorance.”

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