Ticket Giveaway: Matthew Dear and Games at MHOW 1123

At Music Hall of Williamsburg next Tuesday, 11/23, get ready for a night of electronic bliss when Ghostly alongside OAK and Fixed bring us a night with the endearing and enduring Matthew Dear, fresh off his new record Black City and featuring a Live Band, with the sensational woozy nostalgic dreamscapes of GAMES and newcomer Noveller.

FREEwilly has (2) TICKETS to give to the best answer to this question in the comments section by midnight tomorrow:

What would make your perfect night of electronic music in NYC?

18+ | Doors: 8pm | Show: 9pm
$15 Advance | $15 Day of Show

Matthew Dear- I Can’t Feel

& some video weirdness from GAMES

See you there!

PS. sorry to any who noticed my WordPress troubles


  1. dim lighting, odd smells, a single strobe light and drugs.

  2. two chicks at once.

  3. A discoball and Matthew Dear

  4. What would make my perfect night of electronic music in NYC?

    That’d be freakin awesome.

  5. rachael bender says:

    My ideal night of electronic music in nyc would be everything this set is all about.. bone chilling techno that you don’t get to hear or see being performed as much as it should. It would bring me back to my home town of detroit, mi and everything that I miss so much there. I moved to nyc about 5 months ago to pursue my career but I miss everything about detroit and the beats it has to offer.

  6. Jennifer Morton says:

    A slowdance with Matthew Dear.

  7. Holding hands and peeing with Matthew Dear in moonlight.

  8. getting a smell put on me.

  9. austin formica says:

    DJ koze shows up real late and everyone gets naked

  10. dancing on a giant size piano that is floating in the east river; it needs to be about 80 degrees outside, low wind so the portable lights work properly and there’s gotta be a crowd that actually wants to dance.

  11. Alex Yakubov says:

    A collection of set. Starting with something mellow and hypnotic from Jabberjaw, followed by a minimal sincalade from False, then a pounding tech set from Audion. To top it all off, a live performance from Marthew Dear’s Big Hands.

  12. Ian Pendleton says:

    Transport Lux from Lisbon to Hudson River Piers via airlift. Install lighting system by Leo Villareal. Import the TV MC from Supper Club in Amsterstam… what the hell, fly in the waitresses in their billowy dresses, the chef and the full five course prix fixe meal, and all the Moet Crystal they have in stock. Get more Moet at Chelsea Liquors. Supply free drugs that peak-mindmelds the crowd (consisting of myself, Bill Hicks and six hundred super models) for six straight hours before restoring each brain to normal function with IQ 229 and each body to marathon conditioning. My fellow Austinite Matthew Dear mans the decks with as translucent polymer casements with glowing wires and circuitry. Cameo appearances include Gary Numan on a robo-duet on You Put A Smell On Me, Lady Gaga on You’re Fucking Crazy, and Jam Master Jay bustin rhymes in an extended break on Little People (Black City). Aphex Twin and DJ Screw open the show. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

  13. Dark room
    Cold drinks
    Dancin shoes and…
    Matthew Dear
    Ellen Alien
    (And no work in the morning)

  14. Daft Punk playing at my house

  15. Love and lust coalesce under a shimmering city skyline. Sparkle bombs and razzle dazzle explode to the beat of a universal vibration visually identified by the color indigo.


    On a rooftop at night with a double rainbow cast into the sky over the party. Glitter rain pouring down on half naked sweaty bodies and sticking to their skin Majestic bubbles and smoke float through the crowd of the most jamminest dancers your ever saw. Oh ..and an endless amount of free booze..oh and the ability to stop time and make it last forever. Perfect.

  17. Already had that night: Justice at Terminal 5 back in 2007. Danced my ass off and got slapped in the face multiple times with the random sweaty hair of other people dancing their asses off. Totally worth the communicable diseases.

  18. The perfect night of electronic music in NYC would be all about brooklyn (its parties, venues, and dj’s). It would start at the Marcy Hotel with w+l crew, head into bushwick for a blkmarket party fahed/taimur(maybe with matthew dear as Audion), then head over the Market Hotel (rip) for a mr sat night party as they used to host, then over to a bunker party at the public assembly, then maybe catch a lets play house party at the space next to glasslands, and finally finish sometime after sunrise at the Marcy again before I stumble home. This night would showcase brooklyn and electronic music at its finest.

  19. Perfect night. dancing in my room. bumping matthew dear, tiga, and azari & iii on my computer while slowly dressing to the rhythms. getting half a lap dance by my girl while sipping on something. head out to the show early. catch the opening vibes. drink, get sultry. anticipate. Matthew and his big hands come out. the sounds. the lights. the groove starts to hit! and it’s set off. dark, euphoria. bodies start moving on their own. Matthew’s deep, echoing voice rides above the nasty bass and sprawling synth lines. the communal soul starts rising in a collective state of bliss.. and it goes on and on… and then finally after..:
    dark acid house starts pumping. dance, get nasty. move to an even nastier party… and the rest would be history.

  20. Rich Leighton says:

    Eno producing LCD Soundsystem (with guest Al Doyle from Hot Chip on co-vocals) while Matthew Dear does a live mix of it as I watch slackjawed.

  21. Claiborne McDonald says:

    Congratulations Blaise!! While your entry sounded a little like PR for the brooklyn electro UG (fine by me!) upon reflection I realize that this would in fact be an incredible night of music. Wolf+Lamb, blkmarket (who is hosting DJ Koze in Dec. Austin Formica!) and props to Market Hotel, Mr. Saturday Night and Let’s Play House. Yes. You win.

    Props to elijah for getting visceral, Alex Yakubov for knowing his Matthew Dear (what does sincalade mean?!), and Adrien for saying ‘lets make a DFA night happen’. Tru.

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