Marty Markowitz Welcomes UFOs to Brooklyn as "their gateway to planet Earth."

The Post covered the recent rash of UFO sightings over Williamsburg, and got some great quotes out of our beloved borough president Marty Markowitz.

Despite meager evidence of intergalactic vehicles touching down in Brooklyn, Borough President Marty Markowitz has already embraced the would-be visitors, claiming that the ‚”creative attire, hair colors, and eclectic body art of our more artistic Williamsburg residents” is evidence that there is already ‚”very fashionable extraterrestrial life walking among us.”
‚”But seriously, I would be thrilled if those from other planets would choose Brooklyn as their gateway to planet Earth. We are a city of immigrants, and when I say Brooklyn is proud home to everyone from everywhere, I really mean everywhere!” said Markowitz.

Community Board 1 Public Safety and “Extraterrestrial Relations Chair” Mieszko Kalita weighed in as well: ‚”If there’s more than one, they’re pretty tiny. They will be hard to arrest, considering the size of the handcuffs from the NYPD, but still they can be contained easily, possibly in a glass jar. Therefore I don’t think it is a huge problem. Their ships can be used in a league game.”
Also, kudos to Aaron Short & The Post for crediting the blogs who’ve recently covered the “story” — McBrooklyn, Gothamist, Vos Iz Neias, and yes, Free Williamsburg — something it doesn’t normally abide by.

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