Martrydoom III kicks off at Saint Vitus tonight

martyrdoom-iii2Unless you’re one of the several thousand volts currently coursing into the skull of Brooklyn’s heavy metal Frankenculture at the moment, then there’s a very real chance that, even in its third year, you might not know much about Martyrdoom. One of New York City’s best music festivals (for lack of a better term), the five-day doom/black metal focused throwdown at Saint Vitus–curated by the good people over at Signature Riff and music journalist/founder of Catharsis PR, Kim Kelly—has remained relatively under the radar since its inception, and although that’s an injustice, it is by no means a valuation of success. This year, the fest has attracted hard-to-book bands from the deepest and darkest pits of the globe (see:Australia’s Mournful Congregation and the Czech Republic’s Cult of Fire) building out one of best metal lineups of the year and setting itself on course for a full five-day sell out. So whether you were smart and grabbed tickets early or are simply flying by the seat of your ripped black jeans, we have all the details you need to get up to Greenpoint and back this weekend.

Friday 6/27  
Show: Mournful Congregation, Imprecation, Begrime Exemious, Holocaustum, Geryon
Door: 7:30 pm
Tickets: $25
Don’t Miss: Local experi-death weirdos, Geryon (the bass-and-percussion project of Krallice’s Nicholas McMaster ad Lev Weinstein)

Saturday 6/28
Show: Sargeist, One Tail One Head, Typhus, Forteresse, Sacrament Ov Impurity
Door: 7:30pm
Tickets: Sold Out
Don’t Miss: Quebecois black metal mystics, Forteresse, who make a rare foray south of of The Wall this summer.

Sunday 6/29
Show: Behexen, Hell Militia, Prosanctus Inferi, Hekseri
Door: 7:30pm
Tickets: Sold Out
Don’t Miss: Behexen, the old-school Finnish template for new-school Swede shockers, Watain, who you last saw splattering Brooklyn Night Bazaar in pigs blood a few weeks back.

Monday 6/30
Show: Cult Of Fire, Sargeist, Icon Of Phobos, Witchblood, Sein Und Zeit
Door: 7:30pm
Tickets: $25
Don’t Miss: Theatrical (Ghost-shaming stage garb, sitar, organs, et al.) Czech black metal trio who received unanimous praise from their music journalist knuckle-tangling sophomore LP in 2013.

Tuesday 7/1
Show: Mournful Congregation, Lycus, Vilkacis, Evoken, Lord Mantis
Door: 8pm
Tickets: $22
Don’t Miss: Concresence of the Sophia make them the obvious pick, I’m with Oakland death/doom beasts Lycus. If you’re outside smoking when they go on, you should not be let back in.

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