Man arrested for stealing 75 lbs of almonds

Who says Williamsburg isn’t the gritty crime-filled place it used to be? A man was arrested on Sunday for stealing three 25 pound boxes of almonds from the back of a delivery van on South 8th and Bedford. Unsuprisingly the NY Post headline includes the word ‘Nut Job’, more from the Post:

He tried to run off with the loot, sources said, but the 5-foot-8, 180 pound man ended up dropping the boxes on South 8th Street, sources said.

The driver called 911, but Ayala allegedly scampered off before the police could catch him.

But two hours later, Ayala smashed his 2010 silver Toyota Carrola into a parked, unoccupied van on Wythe Avenue and South 8th Street—about two blocks from the scene of the crime, sources said.

When asked about the crime he said:

“I really f—– up,” he allegedly told the police. He then bizarrely added, “I really f—– up my relationship. But I didn’t break into the car.”

Not sure how he damaged his relationship unless he had promised his lady to come up with the toppings for the greatest ice cream sundae of all time. Anyway, see more at the Post including a picture here.


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