Low covered Toto’s “Africa”

I like that A.V Club’s Undercover series is just like watching the best karaoke ever. Give a band an ever-decreasing list of songs to choose from, see what they do with what they’ve got. And Low took Toto’s “Africa” and made it a typically plaintive Low slow jam. One that wouldn’t seem out of place on the band’s most recent C’mon. The band claims “Josh made us do it,” when asked why they picked the song, but the way they play it makes it seem like they’ve been dying to harmonize on that chorus all along.

Low covers Toto


  1. fuck starbucks

  2. dude. you can totally see they didnt want to cover it. totally pedestrian, uninspired. just…. not good.

  3. Low can do no wrong.

  4. r u serious with this?

    pure comedy

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