Love’s a Bitch: a funny web series filmed around Williamsburg


This one goes out to all you recent singles. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and  a great reminder of how much love sucks. The upside? Half off candy today.

To sooth your sorrows and chocolate hangover, check out this web series filmed around Williamsburg from Official Comedy:

Love’s a Bitch is a show about love. Specifically, getting over it. It follows a couple that breaks up, only to find out they have no idea how to be alone. On the road to recovery, they both go through terrible, hilarious experiences that make their failed relationship seem like an ideal alternative. The show stars Jamie Lee (MTV’s “Girl Code”) and Josh Rabinowitz (Comedy Central “Adam Devine’s House Party”) and features a bunch of other New York comedians, like Joe Pera, Kevin Barnett, Dan Wilbur, Jermaine Fowler, and more.

Watch the first episode below:

See the rest of Love’s a Bitch here.

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