Look Out Fette Sau, BrisketTown Coming to Williamsburg in October

Via Diner’s Journal:

Daniel Delaney went from being the filmmaker to becoming the subject. A few years ago, he started doing videos of food trucks for a Web-based series called VendrTV, and became so hooked on barbecue, most notably Texas-style smoked brisket, that he is now part of the story. His camera is gathering dust while he hauls slabs of meat into an 18-foot smoker he acquired in Texas.

Under the name Brisketlab, he sold his brisket online (in March he presold 3,200 pounds of meat in 48 hours and subsequently put another 5,000 or so pounds up for presale). People have been eating the meat they reserved at pop-up events in Manhattan and Brooklyn, while they waited for the day when he would open his own restaurant and market.

And with money in the bank at $25 a pound, that day is coming. Mr. Delaney has signed a lease for a space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, at 359 Bedford Avenue (South Fourth Street), and plans to open BrisketTown, a counter-service restaurant, on Oct. 31.

For now, customers can order ahead from Mr. Delaney’s remaining stock of about 1,500 pounds, which guarantees a serving for a given day. Once those last pounds are sold, there will be no more online ordering.

The restaurant will offer the brisket until the day’s supply runs out. The brisket, served with white bread and pickles, is moist and exceedingly succulent with a peppery crust and great balance of flavor: neither too smoky, spicy or salty.

More information at briskettown.com/.


  1. Fromthenortheast says:

    Maybe the people that work here will be much nicer and happier than the miserable a**holes at Fette Sau. Suck it Fette Sau, I lived in the South, your food isn’t that good. Get a grip.

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