Look at This F*cking Hipster Basher

I’ve got a new piece over at The Morning News. I’d sworn off writing about hipsters, but got sucked back in by all the rage they still evoke. Here’s a taste.

You get the sense that if Jimi Hendrix were to show up in Echo Park today, he’d be publicly mocked in a style section piece on blipsters for wearing a feathered fedora. Duchamp would have given up as soon as he appeared on dadaist-or-douchebag.com. And Warhol would be demonized as a hipster gentrifier for setting up his factory in a Brooklyn warehouse. Critics continue to complain that we live in an era where all art is derivative and devoid of substance. But if Hendrix, Duchamp, or Warhol were alive today, we’d be doing our damnedest to derail their self-expression, dismissing them as fucking hipsters.

You can read it all here. Image via.


  1. You’re forgetting that Hendrix, Warhol, and Duchamp had actual talent.

  2. You’re forgetting that by calling someone a hipster, usually you’re not looking into whether they have talent or anything else. You are prejudging by appearance. And also you forget that you’re an idiot.

  3. Thanks for fighting the good fight.

  4. john, are you saying there aren’t any bands or artists associated with hipsterdom that have talent? that is a very bold claim and reeks of the fashionable hipster bashing this article is arguing against.

  5. Miss Nee says:

    The difference between hipsters and the people you mention is hipsters try way too hard

  6. William bergouer says:

    Hipsters Are Boring. If you say something interesting, even groundbreaking they’d dismiss it because they are utterly brainwashed stupid buffoons.

  7. Hipsters aren’t cool. How can you even compare Hendrix, Duchamp, or Warhol to hipsters? This aint no indie rock BS…

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