Local officials ask Mayor de Blasio to consider gondola plan

Photo via eastriverskyway.com

Photo via eastriverskyway.com

An idea to build a gondola to help with the impending L train shutdown is gaining some momentum. From


Asemblyman Joesph Lentol, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, and Council member Stephen Levin have collectively drafted a letter to mayor Bill de Blasio, asking him to consider the gondola, named the East River Skyway, as a solution for the impending L train shutdown.

“The East River Skyway is an innovative and hip mode of transportation that embodies the forward thinking population of North Brooklyn,” stated Assemblyman Lentol.

The idea was construed by CityRealty site president Daniel Levy, back in 2014 as a greener way to cut commute time for North Brooklyn residents into Manhattan. According to Levy’s proposal, the skyway would possess the ability to transport about 5,000 passengers per hour and more than 100,000 people each day, with an average trip time of six minutes while avoiding the production of on-site emissions.

The proposed route would go from Delancey Street to the Williamsburg Waterfront in 5 minutes. Read more at Curbed and East River Skyway.


  1. The gondola idea is genius. What a great addition it would make to the city!

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