Local artists #SELLOUT this weekend

"#Perrier" by Steve Wasterval

“#Perrier” by Steve Wasterval

“Selling out is the new making it” according to the brains behind the collaborative #SELLOUT at REVERSE Gallery on Frost St. The branding company Worstofall Designs teamed with sponsors Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Zico® to promote 16 fresh art faces who aren’t afraid to make a little cash.

In the room slammed with fans, friends and neighbors last night, curator Steve Wasterval shared his inspiration for the show. “Artists have to pay bills too and getting paid is not a ‘bad’ thing,” stated Wasterval, who also contributes his own pieces. While some artists shy away from teaming up with commercial names, Wasterval, as a designer and painter, readily joins forces with brands to propel art to the masses and the artists represented hold a similar sentiment. Commissioned pieces aren’t seen as soul sacrificing, but collaborative to bring heart and design to a wider audience.

Every inch of the small gallery space is covered with a mishmash of custom pieces including fine art, pillows, scarves, shoe lamps and a video installation. A love of craftsmanship and commercialism bring the seemingly separate collections together. The show also has a slight punk attitude, with the group proudly shouting f*ck you to traditional vanity and gallery shows and not waiting on someone else to tell them their work is worth a buck.

Artists presenting at #SELLOUT are allowed to keep all of their profits thanks to the sponsorship and their contribution to the show lies in shameless self-promotion on all channels of social media to bring in attendees.



Tonight the sponsors will be mixing up #SELLOUT cocktails from 8-11 at the opening party and tomorrow and Sunday, stop in for free mimosas. The show runs through Tuesday. And in the spirit of American commerce, after perusing the goods art, you can pick up commemorative #SELLOUT merch on the way out.


  1. When was this posted? It says “tonight” but there’s no date…

    • Sarah Colgrove says:

      Hi Glen, it was posted on Jan. 10, so unfortunately you missed the show! The curator hopes to make #SELLOUT a regular event with different artists, so keep on the lookout!

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