Livin' For The Rude Dudes, And We're Looking For Local DJs

Tonight, after I MoMA MiXX it up with Hercules & Love Affair, you can find me at Legion with the Rude Dudes. If you don’t know, these guys throw one of the best dance parties in the ‘hood. Plus, with a name like Rude Dudes, a girl like me (aka a lover of, well, a-holes) can’t resist.
And if you’re loving these boys as much as I am, get excited. We’ve been talking to the Dudes about exclusive downloadable mixes for FREEwilly… You down? Also, if you’re a local DJ and you think you’re worthy, holler at this girl with a mix all your own for our lovely readers. Party on, Garth!
Flyer c/o Behold The Destroyer

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