Live Nation, A Spin-Off Of Clear Channel, Discovers Williamsburg

And it’s clear that they have their fingers on the pulse of the ‘hood:

[from the Queens Ledger]
Last week, representatives from Live Nation, one of the largest outdoor entertainment promoters in the world, came to Community Board 1 to discuss their upcoming project: six summer concerts that will be taking place inside the giant swimming pool at McCarren Park.
John Huff, senior vice president of Live Nation New York, and talent buyer Sam Kinken shared details regarding the McPool concert series. They also fielded questions, most of which had to do with their choice of musical acts as well as ticket prices.
Live Nation will be staging a total of six concerts – two or three per-month – from July through September. Kinken said they are expecting attendance figures of up to six thousand, a figure that the pool can accommodate. As far as ticket prices are concerned, he and Huff seemed to hedge between $20 and $35 per ticket. “The ticket price will vary depending on how much the artist wants,” said Kinken. “We hope it will be no more than $30.”
The concerts at McCarren Park will most likely feature alternative rock acts, although neither Huff nor Kinken could confirm which acts, if any, had been signed. “I would definitely say that, more than likely, you’ll see independent rock bands,” he told a small group of about ten people at CB1 headquarters. “But at the same time, we’re talking to a number of bands that skew across the 70’s, [similar to] Tom Petty.”
Kinken assured the community that the live shows would not cater specifically to edgy youth acts. “A standard rock show put on by Live Nation is going to feature people like me,” the 36-year-old corporate employee said. He also told board members that Live Nation would respect the state of the pool, which opened at McCarren Park in 1936, although it has been out of service since 1984. “There will be no moshing,” he said. “There will be no body surfing. We do these shows at the appropriate venues, and this is not the appropriate venue…”

Awesome! We’re looking forward to the Bachman Turner Overdrive reunion. Maybe Toad the Wet Sprocket will open. And do they really think Diesel-jeans and blazers wearing hipsters in Williamsburg would ever mosh? As a local tipster asks:

“What about local bands?? Why can’t Todd P book shows there?? What about the Polish or Latino communities…shows that they would come to? Or discounted seats for locals? Or how about WHAT THE FUCK IS CLEAR CHANNELDOING IN OUR PARK?”


  1. clear channel is there because the city required potential promoters/bookers to bid on the right to put on shows there, with the opening bid set at 200 grand. this is because the city is looking for cash to help renovate the pool itself and are taking this up front fee as well as a large percentage of the ticket sales. the bidding process was organized by the community board– at that price, there was only one bidder.
    in the community board’s defense, they went to northsix and asked them to counter-bid clear channel, but a small venue like that couldn’t come up with that kind of cash.

  2. Anonymous says:

    so much for todd p…

  3. Anonymous says:

    of course clear channel sucks, but its not the apocalypse, the shows will be fun, I saw it was going to be Bloc Party, Iron and Wine, and Deerhoof for some of them, which is not exactly REO Speedwagon, even if it isn’t a service to local bands

  4. of montreal is playing a free show, which should be pretty dope

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just wait until next week…a big press release is being send out…JELLYNYC is doing a 10 week free series featuring really cool bands like Spankrock, Deerhoof, Of Montreal, The Walkmen, etc…and they are ALL FREE!!!!

  6. hey, the neighbourhood is obviously changing. there are almost as many strollers on bedford as on 7th ave in park slope on the weekend.
    also, aren’t hipsters more into levi’s than diezel these days?

  7. Anonymous says:

    levi’s? nah,
    wranglers all the way baby…

  8. wranglers, eh? aw geez, the more things change, the more they stay the same. i remember the hipster adoption of the wrangler (vs the levi)in the 70’s. no big whoop.

  9. Philippe says:

    Clear Channel doesn’t ‘own’ the pool.
    The Billyburg Short Film festival will be June 24th and thats a totally independent show. And it will be amazing featuring Michael Showlater and Japanther.

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