Littleneck Outpost coming to Greenpoint


We can add this to out most anticipated restaurants of 2014…. Littleneck Outpost:

Littleneck Outpost is coming to Greenpoint early spring of 2014! We are opening a casual, all day cafe, grocery, coffee, and sandwich shop at 128 Franklin Street – right at the corner of Milton Street. We are still building the space out so you are gonna have to sit tight for a little while longer but in the meantime you can start gearing up for the sandwiches, crudos, and raw bar you have grown to know and love plus a million other new and exciting items. The new joint will be an all day affair opening for coffee early, at like some ungodly hour, for those early risers and commuters. Stay tuned for more info as things develop.

Eater says they’ll be open late February or early March. Looking forward to it!

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