Union Ice Of Williamsburg

Union Ice Of Williamsburg

Corner of Union Ave. and Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
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Cuisine: Ice Cream/Gelato/Coffee Shop
Our Rating: ★ ★ ★
Price: $
: Noon-Midnight Daily
Cards: Cash Only
Booze: None
Subway: L to Lorimer St.
: No
We say:

It was heartbreaking earlier this year when our favorite local Italian Ice shop Ralph’s closed and was replaced with a bodega. Now that summer is here in full force, we’re happy to announce that there’s a new place to fill your gelato and Italian ice cravings! Union Ice opened last Friday on the corner of Union Avenue and Grand Street. Temporary buildings seem to be the hip new thing (Goods anyone?) and Union Ice has followed suit by opening their store in a giant shipping container. There are currently a few chairs out front available for seating, but in a few weeks a small side garden will be open with tables and chairs. Over twenty flavors of gelato and ices are offered, we tried the pistachio which was incredibly tasty. Toppings are .50 each and range from imported Italian cookies to classic rainbow sprinkles. An espresso machine is on the way as well, it should be up and running within the week.


  1. J.D. Hughes says:

    Unfortunately nobody who works there seems to know how to pack a container.
    The ice is good, but i have twice asked for a quart to take home {$8} and both times the container was less than half full. Very disappointing.

  2. J.D., we sincerely appreciate your feedback. Although its our third week our staff is motivated and eager to hear suggestions and continually learn. Kindly call us at 917 685 7445 and anytime you are not completly satisfied. Please stop by and say hello and try our new flavors like our Brooklyn Boci made with Hazelnut.

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