145 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Rating: ★ ★ ★
All Major
Hours: Mon-Thurs 5pm-2am; Fri 5pm-4am; Sat 11am-4am; Sun 11am-2am
Price: $$
Subway: L to Bedford Ave.
Food/Menu: American Nouveau
Booze: Full bar
Happy Hour: No
Zagat says:

We’re all aware Williamsburg has changed over the years, but did you know there was once a go-go club called Belinda’s at 145 Bedford Avenue? Well, the owner of Trix, an upcoming bar/restaurant moving into the address, is paying tribute to the space’s salacious history. Its front windows are emblazoned with the words “Go-Go,” while the interior, all designed by one artist, is festooned with paintings that bring the bada bing. We’re pretty sure there will be no stripping, but the owner does promise small bistro plates and cocktails – the menu is still being finalized.


  1. i cant believe it took them five years to open this dump.

    i went with some friends the other night and certainly do not plan to return – the food was bland, service mediocre at best, and the interior is absolutely laughable.

    with all of the amazing new additions to the northside, why go here?

    i give this place six months tops.

  2. It’s probably the most lame place on Bedford if not all of Williamsburg. It’s absurd, pathetic, and beyond laughable.

  3. agree wholeheartedly with the “lamest place on bedford” assertion. do yourself a favor and skip this place

  4. The food is really good . Mussels are must . The cocktails are excellent . The place is very comfortable .
    The bar looks amazing – combination of copper and aluminum is great . Must see definitely .

  5. Horrible service, horrible food, just a dump. What a joke. Much better bars with better vibe in the neighborhood.

    • you have clearly never stepped foot in this place, or you were wasted from union pool when you wrote this. Either way, nothing could be farther from the truth. Everyone I’ve interacted with here is friendly and knowledgeable. And the fact that the head chef runs food and talks with the tables is a rarity, especially in Williamsburg. If you can find a place on Bedford with better vibes, kudos to you.

  6. If you can get over the outside, and you actually go in and try the place out, the cocktails and the food are really great. Not really sure why people are hating on this place so much. Don’t we have enough bars that ALL look the same?

  7. ian pasquer says:

    too many haters here, means probably something good is cooking at trix… I’ve actually been there, and this place is amazing! Mussels! Arctic Char with white anchovy caper roast potato heaven…The cocktails, too numerous and delicious to describe. Read about it, or, well, you know what to do!

  8. I have no idea what all these haters are talking about. I think maybe they’re just making this stuff up. You cannot go into this place and eat and drink and NOT be impressed!! I’ve eaten here several times since they opened and the food and drinks are phenomenal!! And the service is equally as fantastic. I stopped by for a drink yesterday afternoon and the head chef, who has made himself available the two times I’ve had dinner there, came right over to say hello. Not only that, he brought out 4 oysters with a light mignonette sauce for my brother and I to try. No charge. These people know what they’re doing and the place is a great addition to the North side!!

  9. This place is hilarious. Haven’t tried the food, but the cocktails are killer!!! Not cheap, but you definitely get your money’s worth. After two I’m done.

  10. i dont understad how these people can write nonsense like this, you have to check the place out before you write comment. Food is good, staff is cool, drinks are yummmyyyyy
    interior is a must see!!

  11. Great addition to the neighborhood. The bar tenders and chef were very freindly and the chef brought us out some of his amazing mussels to try (for free). ooo… did i mention the cocktails were awesome. We will go back for sure.

  12. Definitely lamest place on Bedford, if not all of Williamsburg. The owners and staff must think everyone in Brooklyn are idiots to believe they would be attracted to the tacky, cheap, and quite frankly offensive decor. Not cool enough to be chic or divey enough to be ironic. The stripper motif is pitiful, not “creative and shocking”- YUCK. Why something this sorry is open from noon until 4 every day baffles me. You have to scream at the person next to you in order to hear them- totally unnecessarily loud music for a supposed lounge bar.

    It’s a thorn in the side of an otherwise lovely block. They should do themselves a favor and rework this into a more pleasant place for their customers to enjoy.

  13. THIS PLACE SUCKS. never go here. worst service. terrible people & terrible service. i got sick off one of their drinks. glasses were dirty & gross

  14. Trix gave me food poisoning. STAY AWAY. Its decor is tacky and the staff is was incredibly rude and disrespectful.

  15. Not sure what all the negativity is about here, maybe it’s not everyones style but the staff is lovely, the drinks are awesome and i’ve always had a great experience. stop in and try it for yourself before making assumptions!

  16. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. After my second cocktail I was sold.

    Ok, so it’s not vintage industrial decor. But all that jazz was so 4 years ago. Haven’t we moved on to a more whimsical existence? What makes the interior at Trix unique, is that fact that not any ordinary lamestreamer could think it up. The person who designed and built this place is unique. The intrigue I find in my time spent there is wondering where a vision like this comes from; a dream, a trip, a gamble. Any way you look at it, it took care and consideration.

    Aside from that this establishment has the most professional, kind, and friendly staff I have encountered in Williamsburg in the past 5 years. I have had two different bartenders that were capable of making delicious classic cocktails and were willing to mix up their own personal interpretations with excellent success.

    I’ll see you there.

  17. Have to agree with the negative commenters…

    Went here last night and it was BAD!

  18. Every time I go to Trix, I’m greeted by friendly bartenders and good food and drinks. Yes, the decor is based on the fact the location used to be a go-go dancing nightclub. The decor was commissioned by an NY artist who may or may not have known all of its subconscious sexual overtones. Is it offensive? no. It’s quirky and a good conversation piece. I personally love laughing at the giant, neon mirror in the bathroom, the tripod stools, the stripper paintings, and phallic columns, while eating dollar oysters.

  19. I think the haters are people who live upstairs and just want to roll back the clock and have Bedford Ave to be sleepy again. Decor is certainly different. But best cocktails in the neighborhood – Firecracker is my fave. Anyone who is harsh on the food doesn’t know what they are talking about – chef used to work at Tribeca Grill. Food is surprisingly upscale and well executed.

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