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The Best Restaurants In Bushwick

  1. Win Son - Opened in 2016 as part of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Win Son is simply one of the best Taiwanese restaurants in the city. Nestled away in a small space in East Williamsburg/Bushwick, the restaurant serves a traditional blend of Taiwanese dishes including pan-griddled pork buns, sesame noodles, oyster omelette and the always polarizing stinky tofu. (Try it, you just might like it!) Expect to wait, because Win Son is popular, but you will not be disappointed. Save room for dessert because the Tian Miantuan (fried sweet dough, vanilla ice cream and sweetened condensed milk) is amazing.
  2. General Debs - General Debs is a Sichuan restaurant from the same people behind Faro and formerly Northeast Kingdom. The menu is a huge departure from their other ventures, but don't let this deter you. Expect traditional Sichuan dishes at General Deb’s — hot sesame noodles, bang bang rabbit, twice cooked pork — even though the owners aren't Chinese. As with their other ventures, ingredients are always fresh and dishes are all made with care. General Debs offers some of our favorite Chinese food in Brooklyn.
  3. Bunker - In Queens you have Sripraphai. In Cobble Hill there's Andy Ricker's Pok Pok. Bushwick now has Bunker Vietnamese -- they outgrew their smaller space in Ridgewood -- and they're cooking up some of the tastiest, most authentic Thai food in the city. It's a tad pricier than your standard Vietnamese restaurant with entrees in the $20 range, but feel confident that the ingredients are all freshly sourced and that you'll leave delighted. Highly recommended.
  4. Mominette - A classic French bistro with all of the standards -- Steak Frites, Burger, Nicoise Salad, Mussels -- done consistently well. The dining room is warm and inviting, as a French Bistro should be, all romantically lit by candlelight. Braised Beef Bourguignon is a standout, but if you're feeling less meaty, the Mac and Cheese entree is delicious. Mominette is owned by the same team behind Williamsburg favorite, Le Barricou.
  5. Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos - A family-run spot with homemade tortillas and some of the best, authentic Mexican food to be found in Brooklyn. The atmosphere is without frills and the waits can be longish, but the tacos are well worth the hassle. We love the Carne Asada and Chorizo tacos, but you really can't go wrong.
  6. Montana’s Trail House - A casual place to get a drink, relax and have some of the best comfort food in the neighborhood. It’s also great for brunch, especially if you’re craving baked eggs. Though the “Appalachian East coast country food” theme is a bit heavy-handed, Montana’s Trail House has quickly established itself as a go-to joint for locals with great food and friendly vibes. Don't miss the fried chicken.
  7. Momo Sushi Shack - If you like Williamsburg’s Bozu (we do) you’ll love this slightly more formal outpost in Bushwick. Creative sushi “bombs” and deliciously fatty izakaya in a sparse minimalist setting. Be sure to try the Spicy Scallop Hand Roll, the Heritage Pork Betty, and the Fried Chicken.
  8. Falansai - Street-food Hanoi and Saigon style, with a subtle french twist. An eclectic blend of dishes with just enough French influence to make them decadent. We recommend the Clay Pot Catfish and the Lemongrass Pork Chop.
  9. Bunna - Located in Bushwick, beween the Jefferson and Morgan stops is one of the city's best Ethiopian restaurants, Bunna. The menu is vegan but even the strictest carnivores will be won over by their Lentil Sambusas and Shiro (Chickpeas simmered with garlic, ginger and herbs). We recommend the Feast for Two — a shareable sampler of nine dishes that really is a feast. (There will be leftovers.) All entrees are served with their homemade Injera - a spongy, sourdough-risen flatbread. Check their calendar for live music events.
  10. Faro - If you miss Northeast Kingdom — a trendsetting restaurant that helped originate Brooklyn’s farm-to-table food craze in the aughts — take solace in Faro which was founded by the same restaurateurs. Faro’s use of fresh, seasonal ingredients paired with their delicious homemade pastas is a winning combination. The atmosphere is without frills, but you will not be disappointed with the menu. We recommend any of their homemade pastas, the roasted beets, the wood-fired octopus, or the steak. Make a reservation since Faro recently received a Michelin star.

Runners Up in Bushwick

  • Guadalupe Inn – Upscale Mexican grub with live music to boot.
  • Ichiran – The popular ramen chain from Japan makes its debut in Bushwick. Long waits, but delicious ramen.
  • Okiway – Savory Japanese pancakes!
  • Ops – Great pizza and wine on the Dekalb L Stop.


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