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The Best Bars In Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick

Best Williamsburg Bar


George & Jack’s Taproom

103 Berry Street, Williamsburg
We thought we’d miss Brooklyn Ale House when we heard it was going to be taken over by new owners a few years ago, but the transformation to George and Jack’s was actually an upgrade. This fantastic little pub has the feel of an old dive bar, but with a great selection of local drafts and solid cocktails. The bar has a local’s vibe, despite being just two blocks from the Bedford L train and has a very friendly staff. Free popcorn and a great jukebox with a blend of classic punk, old time country, and routinely updated indie favorites adds to the charm. We love George and Jack’s so stay away!

Best South Williamsburg Bar



180 Grand Street, Williamsburg
A Scottish pub on Williamsburg’s southside that is our favorite places to drink south of Metropolitan Ave. Iona opened in 2001 and has weathered the neighborhood’s changes and gentrification without ever slipping into trendiness or pretension. In the warmer months their spacious backyard is open with free ping pong and grilled burgers and BBQ available on weekends. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a London Pride draft and avoid the tourists and bros who threaten to overtake the neighborhood.

Best Lorimer/Metropolitan Bar


Pete’s Candy Store

709 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg
Pete’s Candy Store has been a Williamsburg staple for so long, you’d likely forgotten about it altogether — if you’d ever heard of it at all. If you haven’t been in a while, you should go. It’s just as great as ever. The bar has a welcoming front room with a handful of bar seats and a few booths. Specialty cocktails ($11) and a handful of drafts ($7) are available and there’s a small menu featuring serviceable sandwiches. The true gem of the space is it’s backroom which looks like a boxcar and hosts live music, open mics, readings and even church services. Check their calendar for special events and be sure to poke your head outside when it’s warm out. They have a great, under-the-radar backyard.

Best Graham Ave. Bar


Lady Jay’s

633 Grand Street, Williamsburg
Looking for a low-key bar with strong cocktails, beer-and-shot specials, and zero attitude? This is your spot. Lady Jay’s has a country-western theme, with lots of Merle, Johnny, Patsy and Hank on the jukebox, but it doesn’t get weighed down in the conceit. The interior is decorated with a large U.S. flag, deer antlers, neon beer signs, and a vintage shuffle bowling machine. Still, the Americana is tasteful enough to avoid feeling like a theme bar. There’s a spacious patio out back, which is great fun in the summer. Lady Jays is a great bar, though of course Pumps was a close runner-up for the neighborhood.

Best East Williamsburg Bar


The Narrows

1037 Flushing Ave., Bushwick
The Narrows is a posh, and occasionally crowded, East Willy bar specializing in well-made cocktails. The patio is cozy, with Christmas lights, ivy and lawn furniture that looks like it came from your old backyard in the ‘burbs, giving it the familiarity of home. Plus, they have oysters everyday until 7pm for a buck! The drinks are classy but the vibes are mellow. Even if you don’t live close-by, The Narrows will make it worth the trip.

Best Bushwick Bar


Old Stanley’s

226 Wyckoff Ave., Bushwick
Old Stanley’s is self-consciously trying to be the type of working class bar your old man would frequent in the Seventies. Despite the conceit, or perhaps because of it, we love this bar. And what makes Old Stanley’s even better is their great backyard. Cool down with a draft in a frosty mug or try a slushy Irish Coffee named for the actor who played Kojak: The Ethel O’ Connell. They also have pretzels and hot dogs available on the cheap and a solid happy hour. Old Stanley’s has a great jukebox too with a bunch of classic punk and metal. What else do you need?

Best Greenpoint Bar (Nassau Ave. G Stop)


Lake Street

706 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint
A neo-Dive with a Midwest theme owned by members of Hold Steady and Spoon – but don’t let that deter you. This is a great little spot with checkered tile floors and a comfortable bar where everybody immediately feels at home. Named for a street in Minneapolis, the bar has twelve beers on tap and serves an assortment of Midwestern beers, hot dogs, and bratwurst. If you’re sports-averse you may want to avoid Lake Street when there’s a big game on, but otherwise this is a great bar to down a few beers. Or better yet, try one of their frozen specialties which include frozen Strawberry and Peach Margaritas and a Frozen Negroni cocktail.

Best Greenpoint Bar (Greenpoint Ave. G Stop)


Black Rabbit

In a city where most English and Irish Pubs feel pretty cookie-cutter, we’re happy that Black Rabbit exists. The bar is dark and cozy, with a long bar and a handful of booths, each having its own saloon-style door on the outside for privacy. Drinks are strong and the beer list is anything but typical, with a rotating list of local drafts like Other Half and Bronx Brewery. Best of all, there’s a cozy fireplace in the back which adds to the overall charm of the joint. Don’t miss Trivia Night on Tuesdays. The only downside is the small bites menu — which consists of sliders, Frito pies and sausages. It, quite frankly, sucks. Come instead for drinks and you will be delighted.

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