351 Evergreen Ave
Bushwick, NY 11221
b/t Harman St & Greene Ave in Bushwick
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(347) 442-5880

Cuisine: Wine bar with snacks and weekend brunch
Our Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ Great
Cards: All Major
Price: Bottles $20-$30; cocktails $8
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 8:30am – 1am; Fridays 9am – 2:30am; Saturdays 11am to 2:30am; Sundays 11am to 12am
Brunch: On weekends
Booze: Full bar
Subway: L to Jefferson
Delivery: None
Bushwick Daily says:

Everything in Sunrise/Sunset is done up in coral blue and buttercup yellow, as if to evoke the bright shadows of dawn and dusk, and providing a sweet departure from the typical Bushwick aesthetic. And so perhaps it’s no surprise that the owner Henry Glucroft has shunned the typical Bushwick locales: he isn’t propping himself up in Jefftown, or shimmying into the current batch of exciting new bars in Dekalbtown. Instead, he opened with only a slight murmur and is expanding his offerings slowly and thoughtfully. Henry opted to kick things off with the Sunset portion of the business, with an extremely well curated selection of wines (he is also the owner of Henry’s Wine & Spirit, so he knows la vino), a beer list that’ll get you tipsy, and a radical cocktail menu….Although they don’t have a full menu during the week, they are selling a tremendous brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, with a French Toast Monte Cristo ($11) which, coupled with one of their $6 (!!) Bloody Mary’s or mimosas seems like the most delicious way to induce a really life-shattering afternoon nap.

Bedford & Bowery says:

Regardless, in both shop and bar, Glucroft “definitely tries to focus on the Davids of the wine world.” Not just small-batch wines, but those “made with the right philosophy.” To Glucroft, that philosophy implies winemakers who care about the wine’s terroir, and the land on which the grapes are grown.

People who are hands-on, who are crushing the grapes themselves, “make for a more caring story than the Trader Joe’s model,” Glucroft reasons. Luckily, given the proliferation of wine geeks and service industry people in the neighborhood, esoteric wines aren’t such a hard sell in Bushwick.