Saint Vitus

Saint Vitus

1120 Manhattan Ave
(between Clay St & Box St)
Brooklyn, NY 11222
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Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Cards: All Major
Hours: 6PM – CLOSE
Subway: G to Greenpoint Ave.
Food/Menu: Snacks
Booze: Full Bar

The New York Times says:

St. Vitus, a new metal club, opened in the late spring near the northernmost point of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, a block from the Pulaski Bridge. Outside, a black unmarked door. Inside, the Age of Enlightenment: local craft ales, a “bun bar,” a small square room with a stage in back. “What more could you want?” reads a recent comment on the bar’s Yelp page. “You’re standing there watching sludge metal like COFFINWORM live and munching on a vegan sausage bao … it’s like living the DREAM.” This place understands. In general, and almost by definition, metal pulls you earthward, promoting the idea of inevitable fall and ruin. That’s what all the down-tuned guitar strings are about. But metal also promotes a kind of morbid comfort: the idea that darkness always follows light, and nothing will really change, and it is good to know this always and forever. St. Vitus is where philosophical comfort and consumer comfort come together. It might have a long future.

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