Caffe Capri

c/o The Downtown Diaries

427 Graham Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Cuisine: Italian Coffee Shop
Our Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Cards: Cash Only
Price: $
Hours: Tues-Sun 7am-7pm; Closed Mondays
Booze: None
Subway: L to Lorimer st. or Graham Ave.
Delivery: No
We say:

This long-standing barista boasts the neighborhood’s finest iced coffee (even at $4 a pop it’s a steal) as well as a cannoli that would make an Italian mama blush. The interior, dripping with seasonal Easter bunny cut-outs or fruit-striped candy canes, is warm and inviting and the counter is always loaded with fresh baked sweets wrapped in cellophane. You might catch the occasional shag hanging about, but there are only four tables to lounge around in and the extended family takes up two of them. Plus, owner’s Joe and Sarah nixed their smoking section last year, cutting its hipster lingering down by almost 50%. Don’t worry about losing out on all the fun by asking for it to go-Joe weaves a great two-minute story chock full of neighborhood lore.

Brownstoner says:

This homey neighborhood favorite at 427 Graham Ave. in Williamsburg is the place to go for inimitable iced coffee. Shortly after Sarah Devita and her brother-in-law Joseph Rinaldi opened in 1974, they had the idea of feeding coffee through their gelato machine. The result is a perfectly crystallized coffee. Because no ice is added, the drink stays as strong as when it was first served. Thirty-two years later they’re still serving the same drink made with the same device (served at just a few tables). “We’ll probably stay as long as the machine stays,” warns Devita.


  1. jennyooooo says:

    I have lived here for over 10 years and I still can’t get enough of this place. The ice coffee is so incredibly amazing it will ruin all other ice coffee for you. They close for 2 weeks in the summer (as I right I’m def going through withdrawal since last week!) and it’s just down right painful. I love Joe and Sara as well, they are like the Italian family I will never have seeing as I am german. During the World Cup you can find the place packed while Joe holds court. I adore them and I adore the coffee! Oh and have the almond croissant or the blue berry cake….so good!

    • Ruby Baron's grandmother, Carol Petrunich says:

      I am holding a “gold” beautifully shaped and very functional letter opener that was given compliments of Caffe Capri. It says a WORLD OF THANKS from Devita & Rinaldi.
      In 1980 our daughter Rose, LEFT Scranton, PA …was a accepted as student at Pratt, and lived on DeKalb & Manhattan Ave during those 4 years. She now is a Professor of Fashion & design there.
      Her grandmother Rose, my mom was her first sewing teacher.
      She sent many cards & letters of love with thanks to her all throught the 80′s and lost her very important friend in 1992.
      I lived in the other side of my mom’s home and saw her every day. She would read over & over her mail while she was waiting for her clothes to wash…sitting near the machine, reaching into her box of saved mail.
      I never looked closely at the letter opener that she used and put back into the box, and when she died, I tucked the letter opener with all the cards, notes and letters that were sent to her. The side of our home that she lived on is empty, but a haven for the family when they come from other states to visit.
      I was curious when it turned up today…enough to read what was on it. Graham St. rang a bell…I have visited Brooklyn often. Rose must have given to her.
      Funny how touching this opener led me to find out about this Caffe Capri…a cozy place with tasty morsels that I will be sure to visit on my next visit.

  2. Carol Petrunich says:

    I have sent my comment. It is waiting moderation???

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