Taco Chulo

318 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Cuisine: Mexican
Our Rating: ★★★★ Great
Cards: All major
Price: $10-$17
Hours: 12pm-11pm Daily
Booze: Full Bar
Subway: G, L at Metropolitan Ave.-Lorimer St., J,M,Z to Marcy Ave.
Menu: tacochulo.com
Website: tacochulo.com | GrubHub
Delivery: Yes
Gothamist says:

It’s a God-given fact that adding cheese to anything makes it taste better—that’s especially true when said cheese is already in a molten state and mixed with spicy peppers. I’m speaking about queso, of course, the Texan equivalent to lowbrow fondue. At Williamsburg’s Taco Chulo, they’ve got queso by the bowl; queso on nachos; and even a queso Egg’s Benedict. But when they put it inside their Tex-Mex Burrito ($11), that’s where the magic really happens.
The liquid cheese seeps between all of the other ingredients—which include refried beens, lettuce, salsa verde, crema and radishes—binding them all together in one supremely creamy and decadent gut-bomb. Personally, I think the steak option stands up best to other squishy ingredients, adding a nice grilled flavor and a little bit of chew. Be sure to ask for a side of both of their ridiculous hot sauces to drizzle on top if you’re not fearful of the mouth burn.