La Superior

295 Berry St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Cuisine: Mexican
Our Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ Great
Cards: Cash Only
Price: $$
Hours: Sun-Thu, noon-midnight; Fri-Sat, noon-2am
Booze: Full Bar
Subway: L to Bedford Ave.
Delivery: Yes
NY Mag says:

The bunker-style premises evoke a roadside diner in Guadalajara, perhaps, or East L.A., and the setting is shoestring-budget basic: a handful of wobbly tables along a banquette, a few counter stools, and a row of skateboards (for delivery, perhaps?) parked along the wall. The kitchen, with its open window, is dinerlike, and the service, which typically involves a spectacularly whiskered waiter abruptly pulling up a chair and joining your party, is Diner-like (as in Williamsburg’s nearby Diner, which has become known for that chummy practice). Said whiskered waiter will invariably push the esquites, the comparatively rare Mexico City (and Sunset Park) street snack of sautéed corn kernels seasoned with epazote, queso fresco, chile powder, and a dab of mayonnaise. It arrives in a plastic water-cooler-style cup, and if you can abide the fact that the Mexican mayo tastes like Miracle Whip, it’s a fine way to start your meal. But the real highlight of the menu is the stellar selection of delectable corn-masa-based snacks that Mexicans call antojitos, often embellished with chopped onions and cilantro, drizzled with crema, and served with one of two superb house salsas—a lively tomatillo and a spicier chile de árbol. Gordita means “little fat one,” and, culinarily speaking, refers to fried and stuffed corn masa cakes. They’re filled here with a choice of chorizo, potato, chorizo-and-potato, or, best of all, a fresh ricotta-like cheese called requesón. The half-moon-shaped “street style” quesadillas are a world apart from the typical gringoized versions; the masa crescents are small but substantial, stuffed with things like stewed chicken or poblano peppers and cheese. Tacos, served singly on mini corn tortillas for $2.50 a pop, are a handy way to round out your order. Try the chipotle-spiced shrimp or the lengua, diced bits of beef tongue with cilantro and onions.

The Brooklyn Paper says:

If you want authentic Mexican food in Williamsburg, look no further than the street — Berry Street, that is. La Superior… serves Mexican “comida corrida y callejera,” or Mexican diner and street food, in a colorful eatery that is designed to evoke images of a typical Mexican dive bar or butcher shop. The food is “truly Mexican, without any pretense,” according to owner Iris Avelar, and ranges from savory snacks like “ezquites” — cups of cooked corn kernels with Mexican mayo, cheese and lime — to entrees like “pollo encacahuatado” — chicken with mole peanut sauce and broccoli, carrots and potatoes — or the exotic “nopal asado con queso” — grilled cactus with melted cheese. The menu will change regularly, but you can count on staples like beans, tacos and quesadillas. La Superior hasn’t gotten its liquor license yet, but they do have a juice bar, serving fresh drinks like “liquado de mamey” — a sweet melon smoothie — and Mexican “limonada,” which Avelar assured GO Brooklyn is “a really amazing lemonade like you’ve never had in your life.” For those Williamsburg bar-hoppers in search of something fast and fried, the restaurant is open till 1 am on weekdays and 2 am on weekends, and will also serve brunch on the weekends.