530 Driggs Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Cuisine: French Bistro
Our Rating: ★ ★ ★ Good
Cards: American Express Only
Price: Entrees $18-$24
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 5pm-midnight; Friday-Sunday 10am-midnight; Mondays closed
Booze: Full bar
Subway: L to Bedford Ave.
Menu: fadany.com
The Village Voice says:

Though the name suggests a Portuguese place, Fada is a French bistro specializing in the vegetable-intensive provender of Provence. The dining room affects a raffish air, and the menu runs from shareable combination plates called assiettes to refreshing salads, such as a salade fris?e that features smoked duck breast in addition to lardoons, to main courses voluminous enough to stand alone as your evening meal. Recommended entr?es: steak frites featuring a thin sirloin sided with mounds of glistening fries, and an aioli garni of cod and homemade mayonnaise accompanied by legions of steamed vegetables and a handful of snails. Open for breakfast.


  1. I am French, from Paris. This is the one and only real French Restaurant in Williamsburg. I tried all the others so-called French Restaurants here: They are adapted to “American taste” and American expectations. Fada serves true French food (no extra sugar in sauces for example), the staff is as discret as they are in France ( = does not interrupt your conversation every 5 minutes to ask if you are doing okay, like a child) and very observant.If you really want to eat French, that is THE place to go.

  2. The best dining experience that I have ever had. Food is outstanding, service is impeccable, wine list is extensive. Decor is French and very well done. I would highly recommend this fabulous restaurant, but I would suggest going on a week night for less noise and better enjoyment.

  3. i m living in willy for a year now and i m thinking that fada is the only real french restaurant

  4. My expectations where higher than my experience.
    The place is really nice, but I wasn’t very satisfied with the food.
    Besides, a food fly landed on my friend’s Mimosa and the waitress didn’t really make any move to get a new drink. My friend had to ask her to do so and she promptly took the drink away. However she came back with the same glass, same drink, only without the fly. Instead of making a new drink for her, they only scoop out the food fly. This insect would probably give my friend a very bad Memorial Day weekend!
    Not nice!

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