Bep (c/o NY Mag)

Bep (c/o NY Mag)

346 Bedford Avenue
(Near South 3rd Street)
Brooklyn NY, 11211
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: Vietnamese
Our Rating: ★ ★ ★
Cards: Cash Only
Price: $
Hours: Mon 12 pm – 10 pm
Tue-Fri 6 pm – 10:30 pm
Booze: Beer and wine
Subway: L to Bedford Ave., J,M,Z to Marcy Ave.
Menu: Click Here

NY Mag says:

Chef An Nguyen Xuan pops up in Bedford Avenue’s Simple Café space Monday, Thursday, and Friday nights to offer Vietnamese home-style staples. On those nights, the lights are dimmed and chopsticks appear on each table. Bep’s appetizer rolls are plump, with a thin transparent wrapping allowing a view of the colorful vegetables accompanying shrimp and/or pork. The crispy wontons are tasty, but their dryness benefits from some added hot sauce, conveniently provided on every tabletop, alongside decorative flowers. Pork banh mi sandwiches are stuffed with carrots, daikon, cucumbers, cilantro and peppers in a baguette, but a traditional diner may miss the absent pate (though admittedly, many with Americanized palates will not). Authentic pho drowns thinly cut beef in a flavorful broth, filling a large bowl, accompanied by bean sprouts and sliced jalapeno peppers. For a refreshing (and not overly sweet) twist on the Arnold Palmer, try their Vietnamese version, which combines jasmine tea with lime juice.

NY Times says:

Mr. Xuan’s food tends to the Hanoi style, which uses herbs and spices more subtly than its southern counterpart. Texture is key. Cha gio ($4.50), fried spring rolls, are chubby with pork and mushrooms, their rice-paper skins crisp and bubbled without being oily. A steamed rice crepe is tucked around crunchy pork and silky Vietnamese ham ($10). Many of the brief menu’s supplemental specials deserve to be staples, like the catfish, coppery with turmeric and aromatic with dill, atop vermicelli ($10), and a tangy salad of mango, cabbage and banana blossoms ($9). But the pho ($8) lacks character, and the banh mi ($5.50) are filled with too gentle a hand. Still, it’s rare at this price to find such exquisite details as the dried sour plum bobbing among the mint leaves in the house-made lime soda ($3).