Moku Moku

43 Bogart Street
New York 11206
b/t Grattan St & Moore St
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Cuisine: Japanese, Izakaya
Our Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ Great
Cards: Cash Only
Price: $11 – $25
Hours: Sunday-Thursday 5:30pm-11pm, Friday & Saturday 5:30pm-midnight
Brunch: None
Booze: Beer/Wine/Sake
Subway: L to Morgan
Delivery: None
Bushwick Daily says:

Moku Moku, an Izakaya owned and operated by the folks of excellent Momo Sushi Shack, has opened at 43 Bogart St in Bushwick, right next to Momo. Following the opening of Okiway, it seems that Bushwick has become the hot spot for Yakitori, Okonomiyaki, Yaki Soba and Ramen. Opened in the former Olive Valley space, Moku Moku isn’t doing sushi, but rather a more meat-heavy menu focused on Yakitori, which in Japanese means grilled chicken. But it’s not just chicken they’re serving here — on the menu you’ll find specialties including grilled beef tongue, chicken gizzards and beef heart.
“We did Yakitori at a block party at Roberta‘s a couple years ago and the one thing that sold out was the chicken hearts,” says co-owner Phillip Gilmour. “I think the general attitude of New Yorkers is ‘I’ll do anything once (or more).’ I think that especially applies to people in Bushwick.”….

They’ll be using the same local purveyors as they do at Momo: Heritage Foods, The Grange, and Bushwick Campus Farm – making it one of the few Izakaya restaurants to do so. “I thinks that’s what will separate us from other Izakaya places,” says Gilmour. Sourcing their chicken from Snowdance Farm in upstate New York, he tells me Moku Moku will utilize the whole bird in everything including grilling the skins, doing a confit with the gizzards, and simmering the bones for hours for ramen broth. “Ask any of the servers ‘Where do you guys get your chicken?’ and they will respond with pride in their voice. How many other Izakaya restaurants can say that?”