Max (status closed)


740 Driggs Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
at Corner of South 2nd Street
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Cuisine: Italian
Our Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Cards: All Major
Price: $14-$22
Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm – 12am; Sat & Sun 12pm – 12am
Brunch: Weekends
Booze: Beer & Wine Only
Subway: L train to Bedford
Delivery: Yes
Bedford & Bowery says:

You’ve probably never heard of Basilicata. “It’s the sort of place nobody knows about outside of Italy,” says Luigi Iasilli, the owner of Max. “But the people are friendly, the food is good, and it’s home.”

Luigi operates his trattoria along the same principles — welcoming everyone with delicious, traditional food as if they were his neighbors in a rural town. Even in the big village of the East Village, Max “had some real regulars, coming in sometimes five, six times a week,” Luigi says with a little laugh.

That location, alas, closed last year, but Luigi says he hopes to recreate its spirit just a block from Bedford Avenue, serving the same menu he began with 15 years ago. With its warm wooden interior, the Williamsburg location — which opened Friday after a year in flux – aims to be a neighborhood staple for pomodoro after work, a place to catch up with a friend over a latte or a glass of wine, and an effortless brunch spot for a mimosa or the enticingly titled Max Mix (pomegranate and champagne).