145 Borinquen Place
Brooklyn, New York 11211
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Cuisine: Seafood/American Nouveau
Our Rating: ★ ★ ★★
Cards: All Major
Price: $$$$$
Hours: Tue-Thurs 6pm-Midnight; Fri-Sun 6pm-1am
Booze: Full Bar
Subway: L to Lorimer St.
Menu: Click Here
Delivery: No
Paper Mag says:

South Williamsburg has got a new, much needed restaurant: Lighthouse , built from scratch by first-timers Naama and Assaf Tamir (sister and brother team who cut their teeth at Employees Only and Maco Trading Company), chef Nicholas Cox , formerly of La Esquina , and a few handy, helpful friends. The moderately priced menu features a locally sourced raw bar (ceviche, crudo, shrimp cocktail), whole fish, grilled steaks, chops, and most uniquely, an extensive, housemade pickle bar. “It’s family-style and we want to encourage sharing,” said Naama, who described the food as “fresh and fun and homey.” Naturally, owing to the Tamirs’ background, both classic and inventive cocktails are also on hand. The casual, airy space, stocked with beautiful wood tables and a long, cherry wood bar, seats 60. The space formerly housed “a drug-infused Dominican club,” said Naama. “An upstairs neighbor told us the music was so loud her dishes used to rattle. It was a totally illegal operation; we found gas tanks in the basement so they were running the place off of generators. I can’t imagine what was going on here.” No wonder the locals are so happy.


  1. Rodney and Keap says:

    “No wonder the locals are so happy.”

    As a South Williamsburg local, I am appalled that you would publish such a thinly veiled racist comment. What the hell is a “Dominican club” and why is it necessary to even note the “Dominican” detail so closely to the drug-infused notation?

    It’s shit like that which perpetuates stereotypes. As a Latino, I am insulted and as a human being, I am outraged.

    Also, why would the locals be so happy and how would it be ‘much needed’? Have you checked the incomes of people in this neighborhood, how in the fuck would any of us be able to afford a $$$$$ Raw Bar?

    Shame on you.

    • Latina Society says:

      Touche R&K!!!! And Bravo For Standing Up To Such Bias And Racist Comments.

      Light-House— I Agree with R&K Whole Heartedly. You Have To Think Before You Write Such Negative Comments About Any Group or Individual! Regardless Who You Are Quoting AND– You Really Should Check Your Sources Before Taking It For Accurate!!!
      For Your Information This Was Neither A Dominican,(Latino) Nor A Drug-Infused Club.
      However, It Was What We Call Now A Hipster Hangout, With Groups Of Young Folks That Traveled From Other City Locations And Have Now Settled Into My Community!
      Take Heed LH—–, You Really Need To Make Nice With Your Neighbors Here In ‘The New Williamsburg’!
      Latina Society (@,@)

    • Latino Lover says:


  2. Latina Society says:

    PS: Light House- You Really Need To Consider Removing That Awful Description!

    ‘Latina Society’d@,@b

  3. Latino Lover says:

    Wow your above comments truly show your ignorance and education… which is why I am assuming you are a bunch of poor mexicans living in that area. Lighthouse did NOT write this article. It was written by Free Williamsburg. So before you stand up for your precious Dominican lair that you probably used to hangout at all the time to get your quick fix and are just angry it is gone… you should get your story right!

    • Luna BK says:

      Just a point of correction – the article came from Paper Magazine, not Free Williamsburg or Lighthouse. See the reference which is clearly listed above.

      I am also confused about the cost – if it is moderately priced as they say why does it have FIVE dollar signs which usually indicates a maximum??

      In any case it certainly is a racist write-up, but mainly because of the quotes from the owner! It is also unclear why the place was “much needed” and by whom, and which locals are “so happy”…plain bad reporting but I guess we should not expect good journalism from Paper Magazine.

  4. bushwick representing says:

    I agree to pointing out the racism, classism, elitism, and arrogance of the the end of the restaurant description. Which “locals” are so happy? Akin to what Latina Society said, the transplanted young hipsters who (my additon follows) rudely body slam the NATIVES as they walk on the sidewalk behaving in the way they think real New Yorkers behave? $$$$$ is not moderate. I don’t know what the actual prices are on the menu, but that many dollar signs wouldn’t get me over there to check it out.

    How was the reference to the former use of the space even relevant? It wasn’t. New kids on the block need to be humble. This is still the hood, do not let yourself be caught out there.

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