Lady Jay's

c/o L Magazine

633 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Cards: All Major
Hours: Mon-Fri, 4pm-4am; Sat-Sun, 2pm-4am
Subway: G, L at Metropolitan Ave.-Lorimer St.
Food/Menu: None
Booze: Full bar
Happy Hour: None
Metromix says:

When you’re chillin’ in the ‘Burg and need a hit of moonshine (which is always), this country-western bar is your go-to spot. Lady Jay herself would be proud of this low-key dive, as she was a renowned bathtub spirits-maker back in the day. Located on Grand Street, the bar proudly displays some backwoods grit with a neon PBR sign, recycled wood and deer mounted on the wall. There’s an outdoor patio that will make the hipsters happy during warm weather, and a jukebox stocked with tunes from cowpoke like Wayland Jennings. And then, there’s the moonshine. No longer illegal, the bar pours “white-dog” from the Buffalo Trace Bourbon distillery. This clear liquid is what whiskey is made from, and it can strip paint off the walls. Saddle up to the bar, and see if you’re country enough to down some. If you need a chaser, they do a special called the Popcorn Sutton. It’s $7 for a PBR and a shot of the white lightning. Yee haw!

Shecky’s says:

It’s 4pm, classic country-western is blaring from the jukebox, and a row of bikers is lined up at the bar, nursing their moon-shine. Just another typical bar in…Williamsburg? The hipster world capital finally has a good, old-fashioned honky-tonk, and it’s none too soon. At Lady Jay’s, you’ll find no herb-infused cocktails, but you will find a solid list of drafts and cans ($3-$6) and a crowd that won’t judge your weekday afternoon whiskey fix. American flags, animal horns, and kitschy signs (“Next time bring your wife”) conjure the confederate states with just enough irony to assure you’re still in a blue one. The youngins in trucker hats come teeming in later in the evening, allured by a shuffleboard arcade game, an expansive wooden patio, and large booths perfect for shooting the shit with friends. Even those who prefer Wyclef to Willie will find Lady Jay’s a welcome addition to the neighborhood’s repertoire.