Full Circle

318 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Cards: All Major
Hours: Mon – Fri, 5 to 4 & Sat – Sun, 2 to 4
Subway: L to Lorimer St.; J,M,Z, to Marcy Ave.
Food/Menu: Bar Snacks
Booze: Full bar
Website: fullcirclebar.com
Happy Hour:
Metromix says:

The “National Home of Brewskee Ball” is home to all sorts of Skee-Ball league tournaments, game nights, special events and other beer- and game-related parties—and it serves Coney Island hot dogs and hand-twisted pretzels, too. But wait—what is Brewskee Ball? We’re sure you can guess, but just in case: “Brewskee-Ball is the first-ever competitive Skee-Ball league, and Full Circle Bar is its national home.” Just like we thought. Game on!

NY Mag says:

They take their Skee-ball seriously at this South Williamsburg mecca of cheap beer. A Skee-ball machine greets you in the tiny front room, while the back boasts a proper game room stocked with … more Skee-ball! For die hard players, the bar hosts a semi-competitive league – known as Brewskeeball – that meets on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays. As for the rest of the regulars, they come for the cozy atmosphere and prices that are uber-friendly: $5 will get you a can of Moo Thunder or Dale’s Pale Ale, Genny Cream Ale is $3, and Stella and Sweet Action on tap are $6. Cans are the name of the game — the bar carries over 15 canned beers, from Golden Pheasant to Pork Slap. One of the best deals is the $4 Ginny Dog (a Genesee cream ale and a decent hot dog) or the $6 10th Ball (a cream ale and a shot of well whiskey). Weekday crowds are mostly locals, while the weekends see some spillover from The Lodge next door.


  1. This place totally rocks. Prob the best bar in Willy B that has open in the past year or so. Bartenders are so nice, beer selection is incredible (I had like 6 great odd cans!), and the Skee-Ball is super fun. There are like ‘pros’ that roll, this one guy never missed the 40 hole. Inspired me to practice more, I don’t know if I’m good enough for the league yet though. But the idea of a league is amazing. Oh, and their big pretzels were an awesome late night snack. I’m gonna have my b-day here in a few months.

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