177 s 4th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211
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Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ Great
Cards: All Major Credit Cards
Hours: Mon – Thu 5PM-4AM; Fri – Sat 4PM-4AM; Sun 4PM-2AM
Subway: J,M,Z to Marcy Ave.; L to Bedford Ave
Food/Menu: Bar Snacks
Website: drambar.com
Booze: Full bar
Happy Hour: None
NY Mag says:

Tom Chadwick, the highbrow-dive bar vet who crafted the cocktail menu at Rye, has built a home for the fussy imbiber. Guest bartenders, pulled from Chadwick’s Rolodex, are Dram’s selling point: They’re the kids you’d imagine were mixing 1930s-style Zombies from their parent’s liquor cabinets while their friends were trying to hook up at the mall. The ever-mutating menu is a list of bulls-eyes, but it’s more fun to surrender control to Dram’s recommendation system. Give the ‘tenders your favored spirit–or to really test them, a mood like “horny” or “quizzical”–and they’ll yank out an obscure drink from the mists of time that usually hits the spot. Such educational drinking seems irresistible to south Williamsburg hipsterati, who lounge around on couches lining the wood-sheathed interior or perch at the bar under what looks like an animal-skin kayak glowing from some inner life force. A chef occasionally cooks small bites at the bar’s shoebox kitchen, and the relocated Pies ‘n’ Thighs is a short walk away.

Time Out New York says:

Williamsburg has long been a stronghold of the old-timey fad—witness the 19th-century-style saloons crowding the neighborhood’s noisy avenues. So it’s unexpected that the area is the site of a watershed moment in the most durable arm of the retro trend: the speakeasy. The opening of Dram signals a paradigm shift in the world of thoughtful boozing: Here we have New York’s first truly progressive cocktail joint—a casual mixology haven with stools to spare for drinkers of all persuasions. It’s instantly apparent that there are no clandestine conceits at Dram: Giant windows lined with deep benches open onto the street, and while the music can be heard from a block away, it’s reggae and indie rock spilling onto the sidewalk—not ragtime. And then there’s the list of summery cocktails that changes according to the whims of Dram’s precocious barkeeps. Lighthearted but exquisitely executed, the menu is an antidote to the seriousness that defines the haute cocktail scene. Rust-colored with Angostura, the tiki-leaning Behind God’s Back gets its warm, nutty flavor from aged rum, cane syrup, pineapple, cinnamon and milky house-made orgeat (a syrup made with almonds and orange flower-water). The Mighty Tux is a botanical balancing act, with crisp gin, bittersweet maraschino liqueur, bitters, and both dry and sweet vermouth lending body and depth. There are classics, too—a beautifully integrated Sazerac; a bitter Negroni bobbing with a giant spiral of orange zest. The cocktail geeks swishing jenever at the bar share real estate with neighborhood dudes draining $4 Porkslap ales and couples sipping from a smart collection of international wines (one of Dram’s barkeeps, Frank Cisneros, is also a sommelier). It’s this egalitarian tack that will keep the place packed, whether or not its patrons appreciate Italian bitters and Kold-Draft ice cubes. And though the bar currently offers no food, its proximity to fried chicken joint Pies ’n’ Thighs makes it an easy place to while away an evening, hopping back and forth across South 4th Street. While some cocktail aesthetes may still be clinging to speakeasy culture, for the rest of us, accessible Dram is a giant step forward.