Currant Cafe

248 McKibbin Street (nr. Bushwick Ave at McKibbin Lofts)
Bushwick, New York 11206
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Cuisine: Cafe, Coffeeshop, Sandwiches
Our Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ Great
Cards: All Major
Price: $7-$10
Hours: open daily from 7am- 9pm, open until 10pm on Sat & Sun
Booze: Full bar
Subway: L to Morgan
Delivery: None
Bedford & Bowery says:

The folks behind the notoriously debauched East Village gallery-slash-bar Lit Lounge are set to open a cafe-slash-nightclub in Bushwick. Well, that day has finally come… sort of. On Sunday, the cafe part of the operation, Currant Cafe, opens its doors, serving up coffee, tea, a range of fresh pastries (blueberry wild cheese Danishes inclusive), Sloppy Joes and corned beef on rye. There’s even a tasty sounding curried lentil, walnut, spinach and cauliflower sandwich for vegans. The subterranean bar and nightclub, Lit Brooklyn, is set to open sometime in the fall.

The cafe’s name is a nod to the Artcraft Fluorescent Light Corporation (fits well with “Lit,” right?), which found its home in the Mckibbin lofts in the 50s. The owners took the word “current” (as in, electricity currents) and swapped the “e” for an “a” to incorporate the element of food (as in, currants are food).

Lit co-owners Eric Foss and David Schwartz, Trash Bar owner Aaron Pierce and Rafik Video owner Mindy Wyatt (who is also Schwartz’s fiancé) initially set their sights on Bushwick because it reminded them of how the East Village once was. “Bushwick, which is where we live, has a lot of great cultural happenings in terms of art and music,” says Wyatt. “It matches the prior clientele of Lit back when it was at its most bustling and genuine.”