390 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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Cuisine: Bakery
Our Rating: ★ ★ ★
Cards: All Major
Price: $
Hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-8pm; Friday – 10am-9pm; Saturday 11am-9pm; Sunday 11am-8pm
Booze: None
Subway: L to Bedford Ave. or Lorimer St.
Delivery: No
Metromix says:

Two childhood friends from Western Poland, Alexandra Wysoczanska and Kate Lech, are the rulers of Cupcakeland, a new Williamsburg cupcakery serving creative riffs on the NYC dessert classic. Unlike other bakeries, which rely on buttercream (cough, cough—Magnolia Bakery —cough, cough), Wysoczanska (she’s the chef) uses cream-cheese-based frostings on a rotating roster of flavors (they’re $2.25 a pop). Fun stuff that they’ve got going: There’s a light “strawberry shortcake” cupcake, a smooth chocolate ganache filled with vanilla cream, and even an apple pie version filled with apple chunks. The gals also have a loyal employee to help perk things up: a goldfish named Gary, who hangs out in a fishbowl beneath a happy Marimekko wall print.

Martini Boys say:

Taking a chance on a cupcake… that’s what first time owners Alexandra Wysoczanska and Kate Lech did when they dropped everything and put all their energy into opening Cupcakeland. Now, a month after they’ve been open, Head Baker Alex says that they have been doing well, the response to their opening has been exceptional, and they’re very excited for the future.

With cupcakes being the only thing on the menu, they managed to get creative with their flavours. Green Tea, Apple, and White Chocolate Raspberry are just a few examples of their eclectic approach to such a simple dessert… even if most people aren’t brave enough to attempt the Green Tea flavor. Other cupcakes include lemon (with actual lemon juice), peanut butter, red velvet, cookie, mocha, and, of course, chocolate and vanilla.

But these cupcakes are more than just dessert, they make for a beautiful atmosphere, acting as the artistic décor. Wysoczanska says that the only thing more popular than the cupcakes is the goldfish aquarium that most people come in and pose for pictures beside.

With so many people trying to invent new and strange desserts, this Polish duo is sticking with what they know. Their simple love for cupcakes is what prompted Cupcakeland, lets see if the customers love cupcakes as much as they do.